160,000 ewes
whose 5,032 in monitored performance recording


Maternal qualities


Prolificacy : 1.628
Average weight at 30 days of male lamb, born a twin: 13 kg

Meat qualities


Ram weight: 120 to 140 Kg
Ewe weight : 70 to 90 Kg
ADG (Average Daily Gain) between 30 and 70 days of a male lamb, born single: 388g


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Origins and natural aptitudes

Originally an English breed, the SUFFOLK is the result of crossbreeding between « Norfolk » ewes and « Southdown » rams.  French sheep farmers have come to appreciate both its breeding and meat qualities, in particular :

- Productive and maternal traits : Prolificacy : 1.628   Good maternal milk value resulting in ADG (Average Daily Gain) of a male lamb born double : 276g.
- Early finishing : Renowned internationally for its fast finishing lambs their rate of growth is indeed remarkable : 30.3 kg at 70 days.
- Conformation : Lambs graded « U » on the “EUROP” grid for carcasses of 18-20kg between 90 and 120 days.

Origins and natural aptitudes
Breeding programme

Breeding programme

The breeding programme is directed towards both the male and female lines:
- The male line in order to increase muscular body mass, fast finishing and prolificacy.
- The female line in order to improve prolificacy, milk production, early maturing ewe lambs and maternal qualities.

This programme is based on :
- Monitored performance recording on farm.
- Individual Assessment in the ram evaluation centre of 150 rams annually from the best bloodlines.
- Testing on progeny for meat qualities of the best 10 males in the ram evaluation centre.
- The collective use of the best rams by AI in order to share the best genetic progress.

Market strengths

The SUFFOLK is used either as a purebred for its breeding qualities or for crossbreeding on large scale farms for its early finishing lambs and good carcass quality.

French SUFFOLK breeders appreciate not only the impressive productivity but also their ability to adapt to different climates. For these reasons the SUFFOLK is exported across the world.

Market strengths