What is GEODE?

A national sheep breeding organisation with a structured programme of genetic improvement and conservation of the breeds; an efficient method for the evaluation of breeding stock; and technical support for sheep breeders.

Sheep genetics expertise with a research programme into genetic improvement in partnership with veterinary schools.

A national and international sales service (certified livestock exporter), breeding organisation, respecting sanitary protocol, quality breeding stock, environmental commitment , structured programme of genetic improvement.

Who is GEODE?


The sheep breeding organisation GE.O.DE is the only organisation which is able to certify the genetic qualification of  male or female breeding stock for which it guarantees the ascendance.

It is made up of breeders spread over a large part of France, having official national recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture for the commercialisation of breeding stock for the following breeds: BERRICHON DU CHER ET DE L’INDRE – CHARMOISE – CLUN FOREST – SUFFOLK – HAMPSHIRE – DORSET DOWN – EST À LAINE MÉRINOS – FINN – ROMANOV – ROMANE – ROUGE DE L’OUEST and SOLOGNOT.


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