A national and international sales service

Our 30,000 ewes on farms spread across the whole of France, constitute a great genetic pool to which you can have access. This important genetic pool and the diversity of types of production existing in France enable us to offer a wide range of products and animals capable of meeting a great many different needs. These needs relate to land, soil, climate,  in purebred meat production , large scale cross-breeding on local breeds and absorption cross-breeding.

Through its genetic pool, and alongside consistent, rigorous selection breeding, all based on the best technical tools available, GEODE offers the best opportunities to sheep farmers looking for reliable references and progress.

GEODE offers you a range of live animals, both male and female, at different prices according to the genetic level certified by the breeding organization.

A national and international sales service
For males

For males

- Young rams from the ram evaluation centres aged 7 -8 months. They exemplify the best young rams of their generation and have the best genetic potential. GEODE have first priority on the sales of these animals straight from the centres.

- Young rams which have been qualified on farm

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For females

Ewe lambs: aged 4 to 6 months, their price varies according to their genetic level. GE.O.DE has a great choice of female breeding stock available (end of January for September lambing and May/June for January lambing).

GEODE proposes reservation contracts for female breeding stock. The best period to reserve animals is before lambing and as early as possible for farm visits.

Shearlings (ewe-lambs over 1 year old) and adult ewes: these are more rarely available but opportunities exist which may be of interest to those going into sheep farming.

You can also purchase fresh or frozen semen from the best rams in each of our breeds: rams who are qualified as “Recommended”(RDM) in ram evaluation centres or as “ Improvers” ( AMBO) which, after the testing of progeny, are at the top of the schema of breeding selection.

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For females


GEODE is your point of contact for the purchase of all types of breeding stock of different genetic levels, from the base to the top of the pyramid of the schema of breeding selection.

Qualification is the only guarantee of the work that has gone into the breeding selection carried out by the farmers. Although the simple term, ‘registered’ ( or ‘inscrit’ in French) is still often used, it does not guarantee this work of certification.

GE.O.DE can provide the livestock you need, from across the French flock. We are willing to organise visits to farms or centres which are part of our approved sites throughout France:  Contact us.

We have the organisational capability  to export breeding stock internationally. We are a “certified livestock exporter” and have at our disposal centres for holding the animals for export which are approved by the French Animal Health Service.

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