6,000 ewes,

whose 1,119 in monitored performance recording


Maternal qualities


Prolificacy : 1.504
Average weight at 30 days of a male lamb born single: 15.5kg


Meat qualities


Ram weight : 100 to 130 Kg
Ewe weight : 60 to 80 Kg
ADG (Average Daily Gain) between 30 and 70 days of a male lamb born single : 248 g


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Origins and natural aptitudes

Of English origins, the HAMPSHIRE is a part of the ‘DOWNS’ sheep population, the result of crossbreeding between the ‘SOUTHDOWN’ and ‘Old HAMPSHIRE’ breeds and introduced into France from the 19th century onwards for its numerous strengths :

- Early finishing of lambs : 23kg at 70 days on a low input system.

- Good conformation : producing very good meat carcasses combined with an excellent meat yield.

- Adaptability to different driving modes from the full outdoors (difficult breeding areas at medium altitude) to the sheepfold. Hampshire emphasizes its natural abilities according to the conditions applied to it.

- Hardiness, it can withstand all weathers : cold, wet or warm climates.


Origins and natural aptitudes
Breeding programme

Breeding programme

The breeding programme is directed towards enhancing early finishing, good conformation and in particular the development of muscular body mass. The schema of the breeding programme begins by a recording of weight gain on farm, and is completed by an assessment at the ram evaluation centre of the best young males. Farmers in the breeding programme use top rams graded as « Recommended »  in the Breeding  Centre.

Market strengths

Passing down its excellent meat qualities to its progeny, the HAMPSHIRE ram is mainly used as a terminal cross breeding sire where it undoubtedly improves the meat conformation of the lambs produced.

Well known throughout the world for its great strengths, the HAMPSHIRE ram is exported from France to various European countries, including recently Romania.

Market strengths