Our service has the expertise and experience in export to meet the needs of our clients. With 40 years of experience behind us and with our team of experts, we are a “certified livestock exporter” for all the sheep and goat breeds, live exports and semen.

We have several holding centres which are approved for export by the French Animal Health Services.



.Reception of delegations
.Organisation of the selection of animals for export
.Quarantine and export licence applications
.Holding of animals in our centres approved by the veterinary services
.Health documents (TRACE - Trade Control and Expert System)
.Organisation of the transport with licensed partners, offering a quality service

But above all genetic technical support in the choice of breed to meet your expectations and suit your environment.

We have technicians with expertise in the various domains: animal housing, animal feed,( taking your natural resources into account), breeding and health checks, and our team is committed to helping your projects  succeed .


The new European Union’s Zootechnical Legislation and the growing demand for technical support places us as leader in the global technical and genetic service for sheep breeders, both in France and abroad.

From 2019 onwards, we are offering performance testing in partnership with others who work locally carrying out monthly monitoring.


For sales, contact us on +33 5 49 91 10 78 


 In this field, French quality stands out
quality: « It's simple: we have the best
the best genetics in the world," explains
Philippe Feugère, Géode's administrator.
We have a national database
database, we can trace each animal back
over five or six generations. »

« French breeding has a very good
reputation abroad," says Joseph Remillon, 
breeder and member of Géode»