Berrichon de l'Indre



1 100 ewes

Maternal Qualities


Prolificacy: 1.719

Average weight at 30 days of a male lamb, born a twin: 12.3kg

Meat Qualities


Ram weight : 100 kg

Ewe weight : 60 to 70 kg

ADG (Average Daily Gain) between 30 and 70 days of a male lamb, born single : 330 g

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Origins and natural aptitudes

French breed originally from the Berry region, the BERRICHON DE L’INDRE was created towards the end of the 19th century during the wool crisis, but remained close nevertheless to the old breed of the Berrichon sheep.

It is used in crossbreeding with breeds such as the ILE DE FRANCE to produce lambs with a heavy carcass (20kg) without excess fat.

Savoury qualities: the meat tastes exceptionally good

Early finishing: a fairly fast finisher, the ADG between 30 and 70 days of a male lamb, born single is 330g

Natural year round fertility : The natural year round fertility of the ewes allows a great flexibility of production with 60% of lambs born September to November from a natural rather than hormonally induced oestrus cycle.  Combined with the excellent prolificacy (1.719) of the BERRICHON DE L’INDRE, this production out of season is an important strength of the breed.

Adaptability: The breed adapts well to indoor and semi-outdoor production or  finishing lambs outside on grass.

Origins and natural aptitudes
Breeding programme

Breeding programme

The national flock number is low, thus the  genetic programme consists of conservation of the standards of the breed and management of the bloodlines within the flock. The ram evaluation centre in the Brenne ensures that the diffusion of the breeding stock is well used and well thought-out.

Market strengths

It is an animal easily managed on grass, doing well in difficult areas, managing on rough grazing, whilst having good breeding qualities. It is therefore used both in purebred and cross breeding systems. It is often the ewe which is used to produce lambs of good conformation for the meat trade all year round.

As with other breeds with a small national flock, managed by GEODE, the BERRICHON DE L’INDRE lambs are very sought after today for their natural strengths which farmers are rediscovering. It is advisable to reserve breeding stock early in the season by contract through GEODE.

Market strengths